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Fit Modeling

Our fit modeling division caters to fashion industry leaders like the Gap, Levi-Strauss, Old Navy, and Banana Republic among many others. Fit modeling is an aspect of the modeling industry most people are not familiar with. When people think of “modeling” they think of fashion shows and photo-shoots but this is a special kind of modeling. Fit models get the rare opportunity to work closely with designers, merchandisers, and buyers. This job requires models to try on sample garments so the technical design team can determine if there are garment imperfections or if style changes are needed before it is mass-produced and distributed to stores.


A fit model’s schedule will vary depending on their particular measurements; there could be the opportunity to work part-time on a weekly basis or only 1 to 3 hours per week. Fit rates for adults range from $100-$187.50 per hour and children range $82-$130 per hour. Please keep in mind that in some cases travel is required.


Unlike the unpredictable world of print modeling and acting, fit modeling is a great way to work steadily in this business! Please keep in mind that fittings are often booked last minute, so you must live within one hour of the San Francisco Bay Area. We encourage you to send in your measurements along with your submissions.

Be sure to reach out if you are the following: 


Height - 5'5" - 5'8"

Sizes - 4,6,8 & all Plus sizes (16,18, 20 +)


Height - 5'10" - 6'2"

Sizes - Medium & Large

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